Audit Readiness

New River Systems assists organizations that need help improving the quality and effectiveness of their internal audit and compliance processes. We have a broad range of advisory professionals with experience in Accounting/Finance, IT Audit & Security, and Information Systems. Areas of focus include: System Assurance, Internal/External audit, Business Process Redesign, Data Quality, and Risk Management.
Maximizing the value and effectiveness of the internal audit function requires an understanding of an organization’s objectives, risks, risk management priorities, regulatory environment, and the diverse needs of critical stakeholders including executive management, the board, employees, and shareholders.
We provide a full range of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) advisory services, including:

Outsourcing of SOX-related activities
Consulting on the structure, processes, and organization of a company’s SOX function
Updating or streamlining the SOX function with process improvement expertise
Wide array of training options on SOX requirements and processes

Our approach applies a risk-based methodology that helps clients focus on the right risks and maximize efficiencies.