Governance, Risk and Compliance

New River Systems works with industry solution providers to provide clients with continuous controls monitoring (CCM) solutions that integrate both Finance and IT organizations. CCM applications automatically identify exceptions and control breakdowns at the time they occur. By finding and correcting errors immediately users reduce risk, automate compliance obligations and eliminate waste. Key benefits of CCM to our clients include:

Increase in the accuracy of financial reporting
Increase in audit quality and consistency
Increase in the efficiency of core financial processes
Decrease in audit and compliance costs and the time spent on testing controls
Decrease in the number of audit findings
Decrease in accounting errors
Increase in the adherence of corporate policies

US Government Client Success Story

New River Systems has worked with the Department of Defense’s largest logistics combat support agencies whose missions include providing worldwide logistics support to the military services as well as several civilian agencies and foreign countries. A client of ours is currently implementing SAP GRC across its Enterprise Business Systems (EBS) which manages all of their supply chains and facilitates over 22,000 users operating in 28 countries worldwide.

As part of our client’s audit readiness effort, an enterprise need was identified to standardize access control processes for their systems, with a specific focus on minimizing segregation of duties violations and providing an audit trail when violations exist. SAP GRC was implemented to analyze the system for segregation of duties violations and also to allow our customer’s material systems to pass Federal Information System Controls Audit Manual (FISCAM) and Internal Controls – A-123 audits. Not only was the SAP GRC implementation successful, it also provided our client with a continuous monitoring solution for segregation of duties risks and to guard against potential fraud.