Availability Services

New River Systems works with our clients to find the right approach to deliver business-critical IT systems. We help them build secure yet flexible IT for tomorrow, while managing the complex and distributed IT environments they have today.

Business Continuity

Business continuity includes a defined set of planning, preparatory and related activities which help ensure our clients’ critical business functions will either continue to operate despite serious incidents or disasters that might otherwise have interrupted them, or will be recovered to an operational state within a reasonably short period. As such, New River Systems’ business continuity services includes three key elements:

Resilience: We design and engineer critical business functions and the supporting infrastructure to ensure they are materially unaffected by most disruptions.
Recovery: We make arrangements to recover or restore critical and less critical business functions that may fail.
Contingency: We established a generalized capability and readiness to cope effectively with whatever major incidents and disasters occur, including those that were not, and perhaps could not have been, foreseen. Contingency preparations constitute a last-resort response if resilience and recovery arrangements prove inadequate.

Network Design and Support

New River Systems provides complete networking services from design and implementation to administrative support, allowing our clients to focus on running their businesses. Our consultants develop IT strategies to maximize network uptime and productivity. Whether our clients need a completely new network, or are just looking to upgrade or scale their existing networks to accommodate growth, New River Systems can help. We design secure network infrastructure that solves our clients’ IT needs. We also design and install all network components – cabling, routers, switches, servers, workstations, LAN/WAN components. Our engineers are highly experienced in network and computer technologies that require a great deal of expertise and knowledge of industry best practices. After the initial installation, we also provide network maintenance plans for optimizing the performance and life of our clients’ networks as well as keeping their networks available for access when they need to get to their data.

Systems Administration

New River Systems provides cost-effective UNIX, Linux, and Windows Server monitoring and administration services. Our acute awareness of technology stack interdependencies allows us to make strategic recommendations regarding operating systems, administration best practices, server consolidations, storage architecture, security, and backup and recovery policies. New River Systems allows its clients to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their environments are being proactively monitored. Our system administrators ensure that the uptime, performance, resources, and security of the computers they manage meet the needs of our clients.

Help Desk

New River Systems’ help desk services provide a single point of contact for our clients to gain assistance in troubleshooting, getting answers to questions, and solving known problems. Our help desks manage requests through the use of issue tracking systems such as Remedy and Oracle RightNow. These systems allow our help desks to track and sort user requests with the help of unique numbers, and can frequently classify problems by user, computer program, or similar categories. We provide our help desk services at both the enterprise and departmental levels.